Zeitgeist 2006 - FragZone

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Unreal Tournament


Quake III

               This is the zone you would definitely want not to leave... Where your friend becomes your foe....The only place you need not regret for your deeds....since it's just a game. 

Are you fast enough to surpass our breathtaking missions that take you to the acme of enthrall. It takes courage to stand before an enemy, but it takes pure heart to stand before your friend. Play the most exciting Multiplayer games on LAN where you stand before your friends.

Unreal Tournament:

A team game where you have to surpass a mission given to your team within the allotted time. Each team is of two with team-name.

Quake III :

An individual multiplayer game where you have to reach the frag-limit.


A racing event with all the specifications of a GRANDPRIX. The more you drive the more you win. 

 NOTE: Get yourself a set of headphones if you have.