Statement of Purpose - Sample 02 (Mechanical)

I am born learner with an inquisitive mind. My natural zeal for learning was nourished since childhood by my parents and was enhanced by my teachers. With the increased interest in adding more to my knowledge in engineering I opted to do my graduation in Mechanical Engineering in your prestigious “ The University of Texas at Arlington”.

I was ranked among top 1.5%in the engineering entrance examination out of more than 100,000 candidates and choose Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University College of Engineering (Kakinada), a reputed and one of the oldest engineering colleges.

Though I was a student in the Department of Civil engineering, my scholastic record in the first semester helped me to transfer into the branch of my dreams “Department of Mechanical Engineering” where my thirst for knowledge in mechanical engineering started to quench. It is my desire to study more in Mechanical Engineering and I selected “The University of Texas Arlington”, one of the best Graduate Schools in the world.

I am hard working and sincere to my work. I feel that discipline and punctuality are part of my life. I have got very good Analytical skills and excellent Mathematical skills. With my good communication skills I can impress people. Given a problem, I cannot stay serene with out solving it. My belief that “You are given a problem without the power to overcome it” saw me through the numerous hurdles I faced in my Undergraduate Course.

My passion for research is so great that I presented technical papers at National level Seminars on various fields of Mechanical Engineering. The papers deal with the “Application of Robotics”, Fuel Injection in Two Stroke Engines” and “Fuzzy Logic”.

Along with the knowledge in my core subject “Mechanical Engineering”, I also learned the basic computer programming languages like Pascal, C & Data structures offered in my Under Graduation Course. This increased my keenness to experiment with “Machine Design” on “Auto CAD” which is also supported for my curriculum. This provoked me to pursue my further studies in “Structural Aspects of Design” through Computer aided Design (CAD) in my graduation. In addition to the above subject I have interest in the fields of “Control Systems Components” and “Radiative Heat Transfer”. I was very happy to find that your university has these courses in its curriculum for the Graduation program”.

While deciding the graduate school, I have gathered information of many universities and found that “The University of Texas Arlington” is the best school where I can slake the thirst for knowledge in Mechanical Engineering. I believe that what your university looks for in a prospective student is a strong academic background and the will to perform and deliver. I assure you that I will make the most of my self and continue my hard work and live up to your expectations. I feel assured that with dedicated input from the curriculum developed at “The University of Texas Arlington”, advanced research facilities in labs, in your prestigious institution will hone my innate skills, increase the depth of my knowledge. “The University of Texas Arlington” is important to me because it gives me an opportunity to work with world-class faculty and fulfill my dreams

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