In this ever-changing world of Engineering Technology, where each passing day sees a spate of new concepts and application and each passed day makes them obsolete, I look forward to attain the highest level of education and explore new horizons in my chosen field of study.

During my study of elementary Physical Science, I was always fascinated by the multitude of Electronic gadgets that were incorporated into human life style. Mathematics and Physical Science have been of great interest to me due to their absorbing sense of enquiry and cult of accuracy. I was one of the top fifty students in the state with maximum marks in Mathematics (96%) and Physical Science (92%). This inclination continued and marked me in the top 100 students in my state in Pre University courses with Mathematics (99%)and Physics (96%). This penchant for Mathematics & Science especially Physics prompted me to do my undergraduation in Engineering .My diligence, perseverance and integrated effort placed me in top 1%, among one lakh students in the Engineering Entrance test .My innate curiosity and fascination coupled with natural inquisitiveness towards various complex components and devices made me to take up Electronics Engineering as major in my undergraduation.

In pursuit of my aim, I worked my way into Bachelorís (Electronics & Communications) at the JawaharLal Nehru Technological College of Engineering, Kakinada that is ranked seventh in the respective department in INDIA.

The course work taken up at this institution has imbibed into me the fundamentals of Electronics Engineering. My college experience in various subjects of Electronics Engineering opened new vistas for me.

My Bachelors in Electronics Engineering provoked a new thirst to know more about the various multifaceted diodes and complex electronic circuits, this extended interest enriched by my paper presentations and further advice from faculty members motivated me to choose Microelectronics as my field of specialization in my Masterís.

Knowledge and proper training are essential to succeed in todayís highly competitive world .The best place where I can achieve this is in the United States of America Ėthe undisputed leader in developing new products and processes. India is my birthplace and a source of inspiration, but she lacks Infrastructure for higher studies like Masterís .My careful scrutiny of all Institutions in USA & with the proper advice of my Faculty Senate, I believe that the success to my ambition points at your University.

As I reflect upon my past, I realize that I am what by my choice and by conviction and I am sure that I will be what I intend to be by means of my intransigent devotion to the realization of my objectives. From the accounts I heard from my faculty and seniors, I have framed the opinion that your University is the best place to pursue my Masterís followed by Doctoral program.

I eagerly look forward for your kind consideration to give me an opportunity to study at your University as I claim that my knowledge, determination & my desire to learn more is my sole property, through which I would like to pursue my MS program, which I view as an intermediate steps for obtaining my Ph.D.